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Mar 7, 2021

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  •  Blessing in Disguise…………….By:  Shafiq Ahmad

    February 9, 2021 at 10:47 am


    As the pandemic has caused a bolt from the blue, it has triggered devastating impact globally

    World economy has shrunk by adding problems i.e. income inequality as well as the gender inequality.Apperently, they poor have become poorer and the rich richer. As Oxfam report title as the inequality virus unveiled this economic disparity, it is projected that the total number of people living in poverty could have increased by between 200 million and 500m in 2020.

    Because it has very chronic implications upon the continents, which already have prone to debt driven economy along with others social cum political instability; these will be the developing countries that are most affected from this catastrophe. As Asian continent comprised of the one fourth of the world population, the vulnerability will heighten depicting abject oh human development for long time. Yet, the World Bank alarmed that the menace of boom and bust economic performance for the next 40 years.

    Even Pakistan is not out of the wood in this sort of conundrum, this pandemic pushed the socio-economic index on the thin ice in front of manifold challenges. While depriving many of livelihood, adding fuel to injuries of already fledgling economy of Pakistan. Because our society has largely informal labor ratio, affecting chronic ramification during lackdown.Simliarly, the service sector, agriculture sector along with the large scale manufacturing segment have acute disturbance. These sectors swiftly open during the mid of strict lack down which normalize economic activities. As depicted by UNDP (United Nation Development Programme) among the 70 countries in which Pakistan the virus may add 490m into poverty. This has exacerbated the social stratifications of society by installing extreme poverty


    However, such unseen pandemic is world health pandemic and triggered multicultural approach to halt the implications. Yet, the G20 countries all together pledged to work in alliance with developing countries in debt relaxation scheme to mitigate the economic burden on the vulnerable communities. Likewise, the government bold step, for instance,Ahsah Emergency cash initiative to alleviate miseries of common citizen saving in such a cumbersome state affairs has positive role. This smart scheme is indeed accrued worldly acknowledgement.

    Moreover, the quick response action while gathering information by formulating NCOC(National Command and Operation) has proved crucial during the pandemic.Indedd,this sort of action has pivotal role while effecting people trust; leading to normalization of daily activities.

    On the other hand, the covid-19 has exposed manifold opportunities which have out and out became alien in our society. Since, this pandemic aggrandized their role in the post pandemic era, which unlike other developed countries have grave affects in developing countries like Pakistan. Yet, the continuity of education became hard task during the lockdown. As this will cause a dividend losses, which World Bank delineated that the out of school children in Pakistan has already dismal ratio and this pandemic will heighten the out of school ratio;   amplifying economic consequences of such abject rate.Similarly,this pandemic is a health pandemic which signified the importance of health infrastructure. In health, we have hardly an iota of importance to boost up to modern way which this pandemic added to the problem.


    So, it has given a lesson to reframe our priority in our best capacity to equip our human development infrastructure in alliance with sophistication and innovation to envision high human development which will pay a lot. Likewise, it’s essential to educate people about health education which should be a scheme of studies in educational institution to reflect the importance of health.


    So in general, there is a blessing in disguise and with the Blessing of Allah and human efforts we have able to streamline all human activities, especially opening of education ventures after long time. Sine this we will need to endeavor new horizon of life to imbibe human life in coordinated efforts to embellish cosmopolitan ethics for better off results, otherwise, peace and harmony will remain alien concept mirroring disequilibrium in the comity of nations .