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Jan 26, 2020

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  • Different villages of upper Chitral hit by flash flood during the last week

    July 31, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    By Zahiruddin

    CHITRAL: Different villages in Upper Chitral including Werkup, Parkusap, Ghoru, Terich and Rech were hit by the flash flood caused by the cloud burst during the last two days which swept away dozens of houses, wheat crops, fruit orchards and physical infrastructures of roads and suspension bridges over streams and rivers.

    In Werkup and Rech of Torkhow valley, the flood rendered dozens of families homeless while wheat crop and fruit orchard standing at hundreds of acres of land were inundated by the flood water leaving behind its debris.

    The village of Parkusap in Mastuj was disconnected from the rest of the district as the suspension bridge has been washed away by the flood while the villagers will travel for five hours on feet to cross a pedestrian bridge at Chapari in the upstream.

    Murad Jan, a resident of the area told Chitral Times by telephone that the commodities of daily use were running out leading to food shortage in the area while school going children will not be able to attend the schools situated in the other side of the river.

    Similar situation has been reported from Nishko village of Terich union council where children from more than 300 households will not be able to attend the schools in Werkup as the jeep-able bridge at Nishko has been partially damaged due to the high flood in the river leading to its closure for pedestrians as well as vehicles.

    The flash flood has also damaged the water supply schemes in all the affected villages forcing the villagers to consume contaminated water while water-borne diseases have been reported from there.

    The additional DC of Upper Chitral, Muhammad  Irfanuddin  told Chitral Times  that the district administration has been put at high alert keeping due to the impending danger of flash flood in more number of villages while relief operation was in progress in the affected villages.

    He said that efforts will be made to rehabilitate the infrastructures of suspension bridges and roads in lowest possible time for which survey work has been started by the district administration.