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Jan 26, 2020

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  • Childhood in the Paradise……….Aamer Zeb Sultan

    July 29, 2019 at 3:25 am


    In this modern epoch majority of the people in the World have negative perceptions about Pakistan. They always speculate it to be a home country for terrorists and involved in spreading hatred across the globe.

    I greatly emphasize that they are showing a false image of our peaceful country and am determined to enlighten the real image in front of the World.

    In this regard I am chronicling the childhood of a girl in the beautiful Valley of Chitral which will clearly depict the factual image of the beautiful country.

    Nusrat Zaaki was born in Lot Koh Chitral a town in the back of beyond about eighteen years back. When she was a child she used to go to a distant school on foot with a company of many of her friends as there was no school in their own town. On the way they would enjoy the cold breeze and beauty of the nature. In school they were taught with the basic subjects.

    After school her life was not ordinary like any other child of the World. She would assist her family in the daily chores and go to Ghari (a place full of greenery in high altitudes) in order to graze her animals. In Ghari her life was marvelous as she used to enjoy to her fullest by eating the delectable local fruits like Meeken, apricot etc. She would play there in the greenery for the whole day with her friends.

    After completing this task she would go for swimming in the cold water running down from the mountains. In the night time all the inhabitants of the small village use to gather in the home of a momentous person Mr. Jamal who owned the first television at that time where they watched dramas and then get into discussion which could last till late night.

    There was a friendly relationship between the people of the whole town and they respect each other. They live like one big family and were prosperous with all the good qualities.  They were blessed with the beauty of Paradise where there was no discrimination based on race or religion.

    In this point I would like to ask the people all around the Globe a simple question. How can such a person who always knew to respect others be involved in spreading hatred? No, he can’t! He only knew to love and distribute peace.

    I humbly request all those possessing negative mentality about our Country to visit and observe our real image and then reveal it to the others by asserting that “Pakistan is a Peaceful Nation”.


    Aamer Zeb Sultan

    Harchin, Chitral