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Jan 26, 2020

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  • Open letter to Deputy Commissioner Chitral —-Ihtisham Ur Rehman

    July 26, 2019 at 7:07 am

    The Deputy Commissioner Chitral,

    Dear sir!

    This letter, though an informal letter which doesn’t fulfil the protocols, is a letter which seeks your immediate attention and prudent action.

    You shall be familiar with the name of an institution,The Langlands School and College, Chitral. As a responsible citizen, I’d like to bring few things in to your worthy notice regarding the mentioned institution and its privatisation.

    This school was established with the suggestion of the intelligentsia and the financial support of the government. The primary portion is in government’s guest house and the 47 kanal land of the school, located in Dolomus, was purchased by KPK government. The school has an endowment trust with fixed deposit of Rs. One Billion.

    The semi-government school was also monitored by the government under a BOG, which included Governor KPK, Secretary Finance, KPK, the Principal of the school, The Deputy Commissioner, Chitral, and the intelligentsia of the area. Since 2015, however,the BOG is kaput and the role of the government has been minimised—partly because of the disinterestedness of the district administration, and partly because of the influence of some locals, with iron hands in velvet gloves—and, mysteriously, a new BOG of like minded bourgeois was formed in a ‘lavish drawing room’.

    In the meantime,an immature and heinous proposal was forwarded to the then Chief Minister, KPK, to transfer the moveable and immovable property to a well known entrepreneur of Chitral. This, however, with the prudent act of a responsible scion of Chitral, was halted. The recurrence of the ‘grand design’ to transfer the property remained in progress since 2015. The manifestation of the program can be seen in the recent rumours about the privatisation of the institution, which has been highlighted by the MNA, Chitral, Mowlana Abdul Akbar Chitrali Sb.

    As the Chief Executive of the district, it’s your moral obligation that you should act as an arbitrator and take immediate action in a prudent way, keeping the interest of the area and its people in the top priority. Indeed a big responsibility has fallen upon your shoulder to stand against the corrupt practices in the name of ‘social service’ and the so-called ‘in the best interest of the school’.

    Dear sir, in the light of the above mentioned scenario, I request you to look in to the matter as well as investigate the rumours in the best interest of the people by consulting the matter with the members pf the Board which were part of it till 2015. As the Chief Executive of the district, member of the BOG, and a civil servant in ‘the era of justice’,you can use your executive powers to halt the ‘grand and heinous program’ as well as highlight it to the higher authorities, and deal with the matter with an iron hand, so that the valuable asset of the government shall be saved from the greed of the black sheep of Chitral.

    The last but not the least is one, being a human,must do something substantial in his/her life’s short span, so that he/she could be remembered forever. This reminds me of a former Deputy Commissioner, Chitral, Osama Ahmad Warraich Sb, who did all his best for the betterment of the area. I hope you will also follow his footsteps and keep the memorable legacy of Shaheed Osama Warraich Sb intact.




    Thanking you in anticipation

    Ihtisham Ur Rehman