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Mar 7, 2021

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  • EEEI, Chitral concludes ECD Female Teacher Training Program

    July 23, 2019 at 3:51 am

    Chitral Times Report



    CHITRAL:  July 19, 2019 marked the successful completion of an Intensive Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program organized by Eagle Eye Educational Institute, (EEEI) an NGO operating in Seen Lasht, Chitral.


    15 women teachers participated in the 2 week program consisting of 125 hours and received hands on training in how to engage 3-5 year old children in an active learning environment so as to enhance their social, physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and moral development. These participates, belonging to various villages in Chitral were involved in learning about the brain, child development, preparing effective teaching aids, learning poems and stories, creative and artistic activities, etc. – all in an effort to make learning interesting and engaging for children. They presented practical lessons whereby helping each other to enhance their capacities.

    The trainee teachers eagerly participated in the program with enthusiasm and were actively engaged. The visiting Consultant from Toronto, Canada, Ms. Yasmin Khan who travelled to Chitral to share best practices was very impressed by the eagerness and commitment of the participants. A local trainer with ECD experience, the Principal of the Eagle Eye School, Ms. Gul Hawa was part of the faculty and local visiting ECD trainers, Ms. Rashida Rahim Baig and Ms. Farhan MussaratKhan were invited to share their expertise.

    According to the Director of EEEI, Mr. Zohran Shah, this ECD training program, is part of a Five Year Strategic Plan of EEEI which aims to provide quality Early Childhood Education at the village level through its PARVARISH Program. The PARVARISH program will also endeavor to empower educated women in the villages to use their education for gainful employment while serving their own communities. 6 pilot ECD centres will be set up this year by the graduating teachers with management support from EEEI and financial provision from Dr. Mir Baiz Khan.