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Nov 11, 2019

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  • Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Predicts overall Normal Monsoon in the Country,

    July 11, 2019 at 3:27 am

    Chitral Times Report


    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) forecasts overall near Normal Monsoon in the country. PMD has suggested to Federal and Provincial Governments for correct and quick response, adequate safeguards and Remedial measures to be adopted, in the National Monsoon Contingency Response Directive-2019 (NMCRD-2019). NMCRD-2019 has been released by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Prime Minister Office Islamabad. The Forecast is broad based, predicting overall near Normal Monsoon in the Country. However, due to Extreme Weather Events, possibility of Riverine, Flash and Urban Floods in various regions of the Country especially in the Northern Half (GB,AJ&K, KP, and Northern Punjab) exists which calls for a “Comprehensive Response” against all eventualities. “Normal to Above Normal rainfall in upper half of the Country and Slight to Moderate, Below Normal rainfall in Southern Half of the Country (Balochistan & Sindh) means Monsoon Rainfall with variable intensity throughout the Country. Heavy localized rains are likely to cause/generate Flash Flooding in mountainous areas leading to mudflow/ landslides etc. It demands decentralized and flexibility in developing & retaining of adequate response capacity for throughout entire duration of the Monsoon season. Due to unplanned settlements and poor solid waste management, there is a likely chances of Urban Flooding which demands clearance of water ways, efficient management of drainage system and pre-positioning of dewatering pumps in low lying areas. In case of unpredictable behavior of Monsoon and its interaction with Westerly Weather system, Extreme Rainfall Events like Torrential Rains, Cloudbursts etc may render vulnerable areas isolated resulting into shortage of basic commodities. Therefore, strategic placing of earth moving machinery along with food stocks, medicines and Petroleum Oil Lubricant (POL) in such areas may be considered at Regional Level. Synchronous effect of Riverine Floods, Flash Floods and Urban Floods in areas vulnerable to all three Flood hazards cannot be ruled out. Hence, correct response must be configured in such regions / areas. Possibility of combined effect of GLOF, landslides and flash floods calls for enhanced vigilance for community early warning, identification of likely GLOF sites and placement of response measures in KP (District Chitral), GB and AJ&K from the outset. Below Normal Rainfall in Southern Half of the Country (Sindh & Balochistan) can cause drought like situation or it can further aggravate the existing drought like situation in Balochistan and Sindh. Therefore, continuous monitoring of drought contributing factors, careful regulation of major water reservoirs and taking adequate safeguards i.e. stockpiling of wheat, livestock fodder, and alternative arrangements for emergency water supply & lifesaving medicines must be considered by concerned Provinces/ relevant departments. In order to address water shortage in drought vulnerable areas, the water managers should take measures for water regulations.


    Update-II on Golain (Chitral) GLOF Event

    A GLOF event was reported in Roghali, Golain valley, Chitral in the afternoon of 07th July 2019. The englacial lake started to develop in the third June 2019 in the glacier of Nullah just before the jungle in Rogali valley at an elevation of 4500 meters above sea level.

     The event was triggered due to the lake which was formed two weeks ago shown in the satellite image (Figure-1). Initially the lake seems to be englacial lake which was not clearly visible (Figure-1). The size of the lake increases abruptly, covering an area of about 0.043 square kilometer, as per satellite image acquired on 3rd July 2019 (Figure-2). This lake ultimately results in an outburst that created a GLOF event yesterday evening, 7th July 2019, damaging road from multiple locations. The drainage from the lake and glacier is expected to remain erratic in coming few days. Moreover the debris flow and pieces of glaciated ice are likely to accompany the drainage water which may exaggerate the damage along the river flood path.

     The temperatures in Chitral valley are persistently high and will remain high in coming week. These high temperatures may enhance melt rate of glaciers triggering the probability of high flows in the rivers. Therefore, the communities in glaciated regions are advised to remain highly alert due to uneven flow in the valleys and stay away from the river paths..