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Nov 19, 2019

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  • PM takes serious notice of current disproportionate price hike and ineffective control systems

    June 27, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Chitral Times Report



    ISLAMABAD: Effective implementation of local and special laws concerning efficient service delivery and relief to the general public is one of the prime responsibilities of field administration. Lack of coordination among various stakeholders, poor understanding/implementation and indifferent attitude has established redundancy of these laws, thus increasing sufferings of general public. The Prime Minister, while taking serious notice of current disproportionate price hike and ineffectiveness of the systems to control the same, has been pleased to desire a special campaign to control price hike may be launched which shall include: i. A strategy shall be devised by all concerned stakeholders to implement price control laws effectively from the wholesale markets to retail shops; ii. Prime and Market Control Committees shall be made more effective and should take stern actions against the perpetrators under law; iii. Field Officers shall frequently visit the wholesale markets and be present at the time of auctions to determine realistic rates; iv. All the Provincial Secretaries shall frequently have a surprise check in the districts; v. Special Branch shall report daily the implementation of directives to the Chief Secretary and the Chief Minister concerned; vi. Mechanism be developed to check unscrupulous elements which charge un-proportionate prices without sufficient cause; vii. Strict action shall be taken against hoarding; viii. Price Control Committees shall notify the rates of essential commodities regularly and the same shall be implemented effectively, and, ix. A performance evaluation mechanism, with reward and punishment be developed to ensure success of this campaign. Action taken on the above directions shall be intimated to this office within seven (07) days for perusal of the Prime Minister.