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Jul 10, 2020

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  • Unprecedented increase in allowance and stipend of Federal Nurses announced by Special Assistant to PM Dr. Zafar Mirza

    June 1, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    Chitral Times Report


    ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to PM Dr. Zafar Mirza today announced manifold increase in stipend and allowances of regular and student nurses. In a landmark announcement made while addressing a gathering of nurses at PIMS hospital the minister said stipend of student nurses at the federal level has been enhanced from Rs. 6,860 to Rs. 20,000. Mess/Ration allowance of Regular Nurses working in federal hospitals has been enhanced from Rs. 500 to Rs. 8,000 whereas Dress Allowance of Regular Nurses in federal hospitals has been increased from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,100. Effective from next fiscal year the increase will be applicable to all nurses working in four big hospitals of the federal capital. Terming it as Eid gift from Prime Minister Imran Khan for the nurses, Dr. Zafar Mirza said the Prime Minister agreed to the proposal despite the current economic difficulties as his vision is to strengthen the nursing sector with a view to effecting transformation in quality of care in the health sector. Nurses are performing their duties diligently and with utmost commitment despite challenges said the Zafar Mirza adding that he strongly believed that their performance must be rewarded with due incentive. This is only the beginning said the Mirza adding that there is much more that the Government would be doing to uplift this vital sector and accord it the importance it deserves. It was a long standing demand of the nurses working in federal institutions that their stipends and allowances be enhanced to bring them at par with nurses in the provinces. Beyond meeting this demand the Government is looking at improving the service structure of nurses, addressing shortage of nurses n federal hospitals on fast track basis and expeditiously resolving issues related to promotion of professionals in this cadre shared the Dr. Zafar Mirza. No impediments or stumbling blocks can come in our way of serving the masses under the leadership of our Prime Minister and all measures necessary will be taken to provide relief to the masses. He gave the example of health budget which will now be more than doubled next year with the levying of health tax on cigarettes and fizzy drinks. This is an innovative approach to safeguard the health of the people by reducing consumption of these items and enhancing revenue to be spent exclusively on their health. We are committed to bringing health revolution through transformation of this sector in the country and in doing so would employ innovative, non-traditional approaches and adopt best practices , said the Zafar Mirza.