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Jul 10, 2020

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  • Unstable Balochistan and CPEC…………..Muhammad Fateh Khan.

    May 26, 2019 at 9:35 am



    (A Baloch proverb)

    “A Baloch may be born without socks on his feet, but when he grows up every step he takes is on gold”

    Balochistan is the largest province by area and a less populated province. Baloch (ies) is the ethno minority group of Balochistan. The majority of the Balochistanis Sunni Muslims and a small number is Hindus; Shia’s (Hazaras) are also live in the province. Balochistan has been the battle ground for some sixty years by the Baloch ethnic interdependence for Balochistan from Pakistan. They never accept the country Pakistan as a dependent state because of their grievances from government. They always fought for their rights and for their natural resources. They might endanger the country and also boot up and can attack on the capital territory.If the government wanted to resolve the problem of the Baloch nationalist, they firstly have to learn about the character of Baloch (ies), their norms, culture, living style and mentality. They are very proved to their identity, culture and they are very loyal nation.


    The historical structure provide for an interesting critical evolution of how Baloch society was relatively underdeveloped in comparison to other areas that became part of Pakistan. Unfortunately it is still true and Balochistan is the province which is full of natural resources, but it is still neglected province. It providesBaloch ethno nationalist groups which are still in fighting against the government of Pakistan.


    The problem and conflict in Balochistan is an ongoing issue between the Baloch militant groups and the government of Pakistan and security agencies for some sixty years. Insurgency in Balochistan is not a new phenomenon but it is ongoing issue for some decade. However the main theme is that to know the conflict and the issues with the Baloch ethno nationalist. The Baloch has the nation with a strong and unique culture.They love their norms, values, culture and identity. Balochistan is the battle ground for some sixty years by the Baloch ethnic minority, the Baloch nation insurgent are against the Pakistani government.


    The province of Balochistan is full of natural resources including chromite, fluoride, Iron, Gas, Gold, Coal and marble but unfortunately it is the back ward province of Pakistan. That story is from government side which side line the nation of Balochistan from their basic need. That is the responsibility of the Government and on the other side the Baloch nation is misused in the hands of their own chieftain and sardar. It is very heart touching and sensitive story of the Baloch nation which is used by sardar to attain their own self-interest however they provoke them in criminal activity.Presently, the devastated infrastructure of the province is irrevocable. It is very important to aware the ground realities of Balochistan and grievances of people and sort out the solution of those grievances in such a fruitful way. In huge amount the insurgent movement threat to state and create instability in the province and in this way Islamabad faces many challenges from those insurgencies. Those insurgent groups also want peace and stability in the province, if government negotiates with them and sort out their grievances.However they have many grievances from the government but some primary rights. Like the education, health, food, shelter this is the authentic problem with them which they are facing in their daily life. Which compel them to start revolt against the state; the government generates opportunity for them and starts table talk with them it will be fruitful for them as well as for government. That step will be fruitful for them as well as for their families which are facing allot of hurdle in their daily life. The future of Balochistan will rise and get stable if government takes healthful decision against those ethno nationalist groups which is active in Balochistan. The future of Balochistan is in the hand of Federal government if they think so, yes we know some other elements try to create problems in Balochistan. However they aware of that stability if Balochistan become stable, state will increase the economy, and may take influence in the region of South Asia that’s why some sort of instability elements takes place.On other way not only that insurgent group is active in the country but alsoIran and United Arab Emiratis (UAE) are involved in that instability of the province to achieve their own interest and goal.

    There are extremist groups which are active in Balochistan like the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Al-Qaeda. The Indian secret agency Research Analyzing Wing (RAW) is funding such insurgent groups which are active in Balochistan. It is dangerous for Pakistani State where the extremist group creates the space for others, epically for Research Analyzing Wing (RAW), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and also for Iran to attain their self-interest. The RAW funding to those ethno nationalist groups which is active in Balochistanto attain their own goal and used those ethno nationalist groups against Pakistani state to lose the stability in the province.

    Iran and United Arab Emirates involve in the instability of province because they know that if the China Pakistan Economic Corridor completes that can affect both of countries. The CPEC affectUAE trade root and on other side Iran and India working on Chabahar port to make less importance of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. If Pakistan wants stable Balochistan the government work to build fencing line also with Iranian border just like Pakistan is making fencing line with Pakistani longest border for peace and stability in the country.In this way the government makes peace and stability in the Province and makes successful Gwadar Port for Trade and other deeds.

    Intelligence and other sources are concerned that TTP is setting its eyes on Quetta as its primary target before that TTP was involving in target killing in Loralai. The security personal believe that TTP instantly emerging as a hub on Zhob district to direct sabotage and subversion on the western route of the CPEC. That mean the CPEC route is counter by TTP and also BLA; furthermore BLA is involving in the killing of Army, FC, Police and other security personal for their own interest and other causality accepted by them. It is also danger for the mega project between Pakistan and China which is under construction and would become fruitful for both nations. This mega project would help Pakistan and China to boost up their socio economic ties and bring prosperity in both sectors especially for Pakistan. If the government and security agencies kept safe the CPEC roots in the country it will be fruitful for country prosperity.