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Jul 22, 2019

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  • Mummies in directorate instead of museum…….Prof Karim Baig

    March 20, 2019 at 7:01 pm


    The impression on entering the Cultural Directorate of KP is quite winsome and may create a sense of life full of activities and jolly good time and pursuits. There are men at the gate and polite enough to receive  visitors on introduction and give a sense of security to move into the enclave. The building itself gives a sense of good taste to any visitor. There are various stories about the activities and shows held in this Hall in the past including the ones  that were held against the culture of Islam or the Pathan culture and threats were given to sabotage such shows by militants and extremists of certain ‘sects’ that  prefer to be known as political parties but who had in fact opposed the creation of Pakistan by Muhammad Ali Jinnah- the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan- but was criticised by religious parties of that time. One of these parties had said that ‘ it was not guilty but free from the sin of the act of creation of this state’  but now enjoys the fruits of this juicy fruit as lasciviously as other such opponents of the Idea of Pakistan.

    The topic  was a bit set aside in the meanwhile and what I found in the porch of Directorate was a few mummies who should have been in the Museum instead of this building but they mumbled and showed their approach quite otherwise ; were deviod of passionate adherence to values of  humanity and cultural enthusiasm of any standard. The building is OK , the outside look is also not bad but the characters in the building are just mummies and have no word for culture, cultural areas, cultural realms, cultural values, love of mother land, love of cultural heritage and so many other aspects that must be there but were not there.

    The mummies’ current interest  revolves around things like forms of most modern versification of the year, latest novels and pop music that wait to be patronisd by the mummies which seem the only targets that are in demand under the rules framed for the mummies and the aspects of culture of the bygone days of various parts and regions of KP are not encouraged or sought that give glimpses of the richness of the culture of our past but remain scattered in hinterlands of the province so that particular aspect  is at the verge of extinction, is no more regarded as items of value  to be preserved, belonging to the numerous ethnic groups of the province. This trend is quite harmful and the rules that have been frammed by some maverick bureaucrats don’t allow the mummies to deviate from the trodden path. The Directorate in this case is a fuss, a burden and detrimental for the cultural heritage of the region and the mummies need to be shifted to their rightful spot  and their presence in this particular location is no more beneficial for the future of the cause that was envisaged by the men who  had initiated it.





    Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig