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Jul 22, 2019

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  • High Hindu Kush–the >7000m peaks (1)………..Prof. Karim Baig

    March 19, 2019 at 5:43 pm


    HinduKush mountain system is one of the high profile mountain ranges of the world and has attracted  thousands of climbers from around the world since 1893  as a result of the arrival of Cockerill of British Indian Forces into Chitral from Gilgit to explore the passes that could provide easy access to Russian troops if they chose to enter the interior of this range,  targeting Chitral   posing  threat for British India. From that time to date it has been a prominent destination along with other mountain chains that spread out in different directions from the roof of the world- the Pamir knot.

    The eastern section of HinduKush which entirely lies within Chitral,  contains 52  peaks which are above 7000m and some of them are still unclimbed while majority of  >6000m peaks are unclimbed  or even unattempted to  date. These are in hundreds and have covered more than 90 % area of Chitral.  All  the >7000m peaks are situated within the boundary of Chitral of KP and present a fatastic fascination for lovers of adventure tourism. All these high peaks have one main access i.e Terich valley drained by the river that emanates from the glaciers of the high section of peaks. All the side valley flow into the Terich river flowing down through the valley to join another river system from Torkho valleys. Since  most of these high peaks are hidden in the forest of mountains , therefore , some pictures  of the highest peaks of the mountains of Chitral are given here which were shot by para gliders and here are some for mountain lovers  as part of  promotion of Adventure Tourism in KP.  The following is a pic of Terich Mir and all  the smaller peaks  around it .The main one was summitted in 1950 by a Norwegian team but the rest  are yet unclimbed and you may select any one of this conglomeration for climbing  and may seek info from the writer.  The picture given here  was taken from the east of Terich Mir – a point known as Zani Pass (3884m)    in upper Chitral; and it is #17 in my album of Hindu Kush peaks library  collection.




    Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig