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Jul 22, 2019

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  • International women’s Day?……….Prof. Karim Baig

    March 16, 2019 at 5:03 pm


    With reference to this day  and in response to the views expressed by so many activists and pseudo thinkers there are many pros and cons to be highlighted as the main objective of the Day was to allow a number of privileges to women which they had not gotton but aspired to get but now at this stage the rights in the advanced countries have already been either snatched, stolen or achieved by legislation. They enjoy all that they wished but in the backward countries the target is still a target and efforts are being made to get them by legislation. What level has been achieved? It needs to go into the pages of history and sort out the ethnic groups or tribes or bigger communities in Asia, for example by the Pathans who are scattered all over south Asia and part of central Asia and also in the middle east. Every identity now wants to keep its cultural identity as declared by UNESCO  and if they are going to keep their cultural values then they must stay put and carry on the cultural heritage and waive the slogan of feminist extremism in the foot prints of the women in the West. In Asian cultures women still get more or less the same rights that were allowed to them in distant past but now in the cities they are quite free and enjoy liberallyin all walks of life but there are exceptions as cases of violence are reported which is not an Asian phenomenon but prevails across the world.

    In Islam they have been fixed rights and even the limited rights are withheld from them by their real brothers and uncles, rights of inheritance to landed property, education etc. A Pathan land lord was , in the recent past an activist for introduction of Sharia rules in his area but when his sister’s son asked him that his demand will lead to  the division of the lands occupied by him without giving the right of his sisters by that time and the man was alarmed to hear that if introduction of such a system leads to the distribution of his ancestral lands among his sisters then it was against his family interests and great loss, so he left the party and no more supported it.

    In a certain state of Nepal there is a practice of polyandry that one woman has got many husbands an old custom to keep population under control due to limited resources but being a very backward society the women are still unaware of the feminist movements.  The slogan and speeches delivered at the public platforms are just to show the world and the activists of the cause but in fact the mind set has not changed at all and the trend in the west is taken an example but the woman there has got her liberty but lost her status and has become a part of the mechanized social system and works for her bread as her relations get a bit strained with her husband or boy friend and they begin to live as single parent. She has to work for her self, her child or children, her house, her utility bills and so many other requirements and runs just like a part of a machine and lost her position as head of the family to govern as she was supposed to do in the past when there was joint family system in those parts of the globe. The fixed rights granted to women in Islam must be given to them in toto and that will empower them added by modern education instead of alowing her to go naked headed and in sleeveless shirts that belittles her status instead of upgrading it.




    Rahmat Karim Baig