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Jul 22, 2019

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  • The tradition of misrepresentation…..Prof. Karim Baig

    March 14, 2019 at 5:14 pm


    In the general elections held  under Yahaya Khan regime the compaign  for a candidate from Chitral was a real ordeal as Dir Kohistan was also a part of the constituency for the seat of National Assembly and the candidates had to try their best side by side their old relations with the maliks of the distant valleys who could sway their tribes  for Mr. Jafar Ali Shah of Chitral and he won the seat and represented the constituency till July 1977 when Martial law was imposed on the country by a man who lacked any moral standard and was installed by CIA for the next ten years. There was no Assembly at  the centre or provincial level. Then since the beginning of this century Chitralis have been electing wrong people for the seats which had been given to them. The election of Muhayuddin was the stupidest of all who crushed every opponent whom he could,  and created a cartel of tycoons to push his nefarious designs, his touts and his tribesmen working on ethnic prejudices and he was successful  as destiny some time gives a man a tenure  that  turns his test and he lost the support who had milked him the most at a certain bend of history.

    In the last PTI  provincial government a lady was selected from Chitral on women’s seat who also milked the buffalo to the best of her ability and finally betrayed it like a pariah dog ‘in heat’ , was thrown out into the garbage  in disgust as trash. In the next election PTI had to face an alliance of religious fanatic candidates who used Islam for their own selfish designs like the ‘Jews who sold the Verses of the Holy book for material gains.’  They won but wandered in wilderness as in the mutitude of representatives their single call was neither heard nor allowed to utter. They ran hither and thither and in the confusion forgot what they had promised the eletorates during the compaign.

    Muslim voters are always hoodwinked, miguided and misled by cunning Islamists using the Holy name of the Faith and threatened and even infidelity verdicts were used against PTI supporters but now  fail to fulfil  the pledges made in the pre election compaigns but they are highly shameproof and repudiate their  pledges in public.  The voters of Chitral have resolutely chosen the most wrong  representatives at this critical juncture of history-at the wake of CPEC when we had got a chance to receive some works of value from that windfall that was missed and the reps are floundering in the mist as where to go  and whom to meet with applications in their hands without success.

    Fortunately Mr. Wazir Zada has been selected from Chitral- a boon for all Chitralis irrespective of  creed or colour, he is seen in good form, politely listening to every applicant and solving so many problems  despite his role to be played for the minorities. He has sacrificed his time day and night for solving the problems of Chitralis  to the best of his capability and deserves commendation  from all applicants and the general public. He is a very active MPA of this 5 year term. He must be appreciated and given credit for his hyperactivity. He may reduce the problems considerably if he maintains his speed at the same tempo.




    Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig