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Jul 22, 2019

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  • Need of Traffic and Insurance policy in KP……….Prof. Rehmat Karim Baig

    March 13, 2019 at 6:07 pm


    The present state of over population in the province/ all over the country is heading towards a grim future added by the economic depression and failure of the so called economists who have been in the achelons of the Federal govt. for more than four decades but have now brought the economy to shambles. One of the modern aspects of our life is the introduction of motorized vehicles that ply between cities and across the country. Dozens  or scores of lives are at risk from the time they board a vehicle till they get down. The traffic rules have been frammed and amended but there is no Insurance policy for the lives of the passengers who dare to travel.



    In fact there must be an extensive work on controling this  aspect of modern communication. All transporters must be made bound to start joint ventures and form Transport companies, registered and bring to the field a fleet of vehicles on specific routes with INSURANCE  for the passengers who, God forbid, suffer casualties in road accidents. At present there is an individual way of transpport system and everybody’s life  is at risk due to rule less transport system of the province. Private or limited companies be allowed to get registered under special brand name and pay fee yearly to the department and then take their vehicles to the road after getting fitness certificates as roadable, to transport passengers and earn income OR the lives of the citizens are at risk and no compensation is given on small scale road accidents and the survivors or the heirs of the accident victims get nothing. The duty of the government  is to frame laws, impose it and regulate public transport in the best interest of the people by the introduction of Insurance scheme in this sector.





    Prof.Rahmat Karim Baig