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Aug 23, 2019

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  • First-ever winter sports festival will commence from 15th February in Madak Lusht valley of Chitral

    February 6, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    By Zahiruddin


    CHITRAL; The first-ever winter sports festival will commence from 15th February to continue for three days in Madak Lusht valley in the south-east of the district which bordered the Swat district.


    The event is being held jointly by the district administration and Hindukush Winter Sports Club in which includes the snow related games snow skating, snow boarding, traditional snow sledging and snow trekking.


    Non-local teams from the neighboring districts have also been invited to take part in the competition while coaches have arrived at the venue to impart training to the players.


    The president of the club Shahzada Hishamul Mulk said that the traditional music and dance will also be a part of the festival in the nighttimes to enthrall the participants.


    In his press release issued here on Wednesday, he said that the people of Chitral had been playing snow related sports in the past especially the snow sledging had been quite popular with the locals but no effort had ever been organized so far.


    He said that the Kalash people still played snow hockey in all the three Kalash valleys and inter-villages competitions held every year as part of their traditions.


    He said that the youngsters are highly enthusiastic about the event and have started practice in the venue and tourists are also expected to arrive in large number.


    The senior minister of tourism Atif Khan will arrive at the venue on the concluding ceremony of the festival.


    Meanwhile, the roads to the venue passing through the 36-km Sheshi Koh valley has been cleared of snow and the debris of avalanches by the C&W department to ensure smooth travelling of the participants of the festival.