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Sep 23, 2020

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  • Thousands of Ismailis reached Garam Chashma and Booni for HH Aga Khan Didar

    December 8, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    By Zahirud Din


    CHITRAL; Thousands of Ismaili Muslims are reaching Garam Chashma and from all nooks and Booni from all nooks and corners of no only Chitral but of the country to have a sight of their 49th spiritual leader His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan who is arriving here in connection with the ongoing celebrations of diamond jubilee of his imamat.


    Spacious enclosures named as didaar gaah have been prepared at Booni and Garam Chashma with seating capacities of 80 thousands and 60 thousands respectively by the volunteers after hectic work of one month.


    The imam will deliver special sermons at both the venues which is scheduled to span over one hour each.
    Both the public and private sector schools will remain closed due to the mass movement of the people while security measurements have been escalated and top hierarchy of administration have reached here to oversee lhe management and security.


    The Ismaili majority valleys of Yarkhoon, Laspur,Tech,Kariabad , Arkari and Madak Lus said to have woren a deserted look as the dwellers have left for didaar gaah including men, women and children.


    Dur Wali Khan, an Ismaili zealot from Laspur said that it was obligatory on followers of the faith to turn up to the place to have a sight of the imam and listen to his sermon.


    He said that last time the imam had arrived here in 2003 and this time the importance has multiplied due to the diamond jubilee of imamar.


    Meanwhile, the general commuters faced hardships in finding transport vehicles as all the vehicles were engaged in transporting the Ismaili pilgrims to the didaar gaah.