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 October 06, 2011




Lawari Tunnel

In December 2011, The Government will need to negotiate with the Afghan authorities the possibility of  opening Nawa pass Arandu route through the Kunar Province for passengers and goods bound from Peshawar to Chitral district. The route was abandoned in 2009 after temporary opening of the Lawari tunnel.

Since NHA has closed work on the under-construction tunnel in the midway Sambu Company has removed its heavy machinery from the site, the tunnel is now in the worst condition. Maintenance has been abandoned the lighting and exhaust systems of the tunnel have been damaged. The shingle road passing through the tunnel is filled with water and rocks, it can no longer be used by passengers and goods carrying vehicles. Therefore public transport in the winter of 2011-12 will need to be diverted to alternate route passing through the Kunar Province of Afghanistan. The leadership of Chitral should up the case with the Government well in time.

Bashir Hussain Azad.


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