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August 30, 2010



Afghan Taliban kidnapped ten labourers from a forest near Bumburate  of Kalash valley

By Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: A squad of about fifty persons believed to be Afghan Talibans kidnapped ten labourers from a forest adjacent to the Kalash valley of Bumburate here on Saturday evening. Police sources told chitraltimes.com that the masked and armed assailants raided the place in the forest where the labourers stayed who were there for the last one month for harvesting of the forest on commercial scale. All the labourers belonged to the Dhoke Dara village of Upper Dir district with strength of sixty men and had been engaged by a local contractor Haji Muhammad Khan. Some of the labourers told the police that the assailants in great hurry and could take only ten of them after searching two of the rooms. The incident had taken place on 2100 hrs on Saturday but the labourers could report to the police station Ayun at 0200 hours on Sunday due to the remoteness of the area, the police official said. He said that due to the wastage of the time, the kidnappers succeeded in crossing into the Afghan area which is very close to the valley. He opined that the element of retaliation might be the motive behind the incident because the residents of Dhoke Dara had constituted an armed lashkar against the Talibansís onslaught last year and had warded them off from their valley. The names of the kidnapped persons were Muhmmad Zaman, Misal Khan, Muhammad Rasul, Sherzada, Naeem Khan, Bakhtawar Khan, Khoedad Khan, Umer Khan, Sher Alam and Muhammad Zada. It is worth mentioning here that during the last Ramazan, the Afghan Taliban had kidnapped the Greek national Athunasius from his residence in Bumburate valley.


Epidemic breaks out in Terich valley

By Our Correspondent

CHITRAL: One girl died and more than forty people of Warimun village of Terich valley have been severely affected by the outbreak of dysentery. A social of the valley, Haji Noor Afzal told chitraltimes.com that the number of affected people is high steep rise with delay in the arrival of medical team of the health department. He said that in the whole valley stretching over forty kilometers, there is only one basic health unit but without doctor. He feared that the casualty will rise with further delay in medical aid which is hampered by the blockade of road due to the recent floods. He stated that the reason of the epidemic as the consumption of the stream water highly contaminated by floods.



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