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January 13, 2007


Dear Editor,

I would like to bring under the concentration of tourism ministry through your esteemed on line web site that how Broghil is the best side to attract tourists.
Although Broghil is deprived from all modern means of life and basic human facililties, but it is rich with natural beauty and extremely peaceful environment. There are five to six passes which connect Broghil with Gilgit, Pamir, Wakhan corridor, Hunza and to Tajikistan as well via the short script of Wakhan.
The Suktarabad glacier takes you down to Ishkoman valley. The Chilinji pass is becoming more famous for trekking due to its high altitudes, adventurous landscapes and connection between Broghil and Hunza. The Darkhot pass with its huge glacier is wonderful place for yak ridding expeditions and it is the shortest route to enter Gilgit from broghil valley. then there is a famous outlet to Pamir plateau from Suktarabad, this is the pass by which the Mir of Pamir Mr. Rehman Qul with hundreds of Kirgiz and thousands of animals migrated to Pakistan during Russian invasion over Wakhan.This pass is still frequently used by Kirgiz, Ishkomanis and Broghiliks.But another pass which is located on the right of Qarumbar lake takes you to Pamir in more short time. Recently Italian trekking groups discovered a new route over Chianatar glacier to Immit Ishkoman. Broghil valley is linked with Wakhan corridor via many passes including the famous Darwaza.
Let me mention one crucial point here about Wakhan corridor and its inhabitants. Wakhan is the most peaceful area of Afghanistan. The people who are wakhi living there are peace lover, simple and traditional. They are neutral not involved in any Afghan politics by themselves. They are neither extremist nor terrorists. But tourists scare to come to Broghil because of its linkage with Wakhan corridor. Broghil is also a restricted tourist zone due to this Durand line. But I ensure that no other part of Pakistan is so peaceful for tourists as Broghil, Wakhan and Yarkhoon valley. Rather than a problem, wakhan linkage with Broghil, then the view from Darwaza pass (broghil) is the best opportunity to recall the history of silk route, Centre Asia and Russian invasion on Afghans. It adds more interesting and cherish memories to you journey.
There are more than 22 natural founded lakes are located in broghil valley. Qarumbar and Shirking jui are the biggest among them. They have got various natural colours like blue, green, red and brown. The lash green pasturelands, the unique landscape and pure, original, natural living style of Broghil are the perfect scene to look at in this modern and technological era. The mountains surrounding the valley are covered by the white blankets of snow through out the year.
According to John Mock the author of various trekking guides in northern Pakistan mentions that,: the trek through Shajinali to Broghil along Qarumbar lake over Chilinji pass is the best trekking route in Pakistan, because at time you can go through
Glaciers, meadows, Pasturelands.beautiful Mountains, lakes, animals and pure cultural zone”. While trekking through this region reminds you the Stone Age and you can easily imagine the hardship of Stone Age.
Tourists are openly welcomed to inside the wakhi homes and there no restriction of photography. Passing through the herds of Pamirian yaks, sheep, goats will teach you the lesson how animals add to the beauty of land.
If WWF and IUCN would take little interest in this valley,Broghil would be come a perfect homeland of ibex,wolves,snow leopards, white and brown bears,fox,rabbits and many more wild animals. Perhaps the lakes of the valley can be changed into Siberian lakes packed by aqua birds. But unfortunately we have not seen a single representative from these world’s leading NGOs.
Tourism is not only a sound business. It is more than that a way to create friendship between locals with the peoples coming from other parts of the world. it is the source to present your beautiful culture, hospitality, peaceful chitral and its landscapes to western world. It is the profession by which you can easily make the western world to realize that how peaceful nation Muslims are …
Let all of us to join hand with ministry of tourisms to boast up this field and make VISIT PAKISTAN 2007 successful year for the country.
Tourism is the perfect field to look at the diversity of the world.
But remember that Diversity is strength, not division


Yours sincerely,

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